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[infinispan-dev] weekly zulip meeting

Vittorio Rigamonti
Hi All,

I'll miss the chat meeting today, sorry.

Here's my status:
last week I sent an email to the infinispan-dev ML to gather opinions about my project for an ispn client based on grpc.
From the feedbacks seems that the community is more interested on how grpc can save us work on the networking layer (topology, retry, security) than on my work about user data model representation.
So I will probably change my focus and I'll do some more work on that direction.

Apart from that I'm about to complete my work on counters in C# (HRCPP-457): finishing the listener implementation and the test suite.
I've also released the 9.3.0.CR1 Infinispan version.

This week I'll work on parametrized queries (HRCPP-339) and I also would like to have the work on HRCPP-454 455 merge so I can build a release for C clients.



Vittorio Rigamonti

Senior Software Engineer

Red Hat

Milan, Italy

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