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Vittorio Rigamonti
Hi team,

I won't be able to be in the today's weekly meeting.

Here's my log for the last week:

HRCPP-379    Add ArchiveArtifacts plugins to Jenkinsfile
worked on the jenkins pipeline that allows to build releases. This took me some time mainly because I spent lot of time in running the build to test my devs.

Then I've released the 8.1.1 clients. Annouced here:


I'm also working on these:

HRCPP-376   SASL (PLAIN,MD5) implementation for Windows
rebasing the related PR

HRCPP-377     Expose SASL configuration to .NET
I think it would take me some of this week's time, because I need to implement a mechanism to share a .NET callback function to the C++ core. This I'm sure will get me a lot of fun with SWIG.



Vittorio Rigamonti

Senior Software Engineer

Red Hat

Milan, Italy

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