[infinispan-dev] Weekly Infinispan Meeting IRC Logs 2017-11-20

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[infinispan-dev] Weekly Infinispan Meeting IRC Logs 2017-11-20

Tristan Tarrant-2
Dear all,

yesterday's meeting logs are here:


Since I wasn't present, here is my update:

- ISPN-8543 Pluggable global configuration persistence
I've extracted the persistence logic from the global configuration stuff
introduced in ISPN-7776 so that in the future we can add alternate
providers, such as ones for server standalone and domain mode,
kubernetes configmap, etc.

- ISPN-8529 Implement cache admin ops over the REST protocol
I wrote a quick implementation of this using WebDAV protocol ops, but at
Gustavo's suggestion I'm reworking it to make it more RESTful. I should
have it done this week.

I've also spent a little time looking at some test failures and trying
to iron out the two component upgrade PRs.

Tristan Tarrant
Infinispan Lead
JBoss, a division of Red Hat
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