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[infinispan-dev] Weekly IRC meeting

William Burns-3
I will be unable to make it to the meeting today.

Last week:

ISPN-7479 Add Failover and Execution Policy to ClusterExecutor

This has been completed and integrated.

I also was looking at CI to find some stuff that could be fixed, I submitted

ISPN-7743 DistributedStreamIteratorTest.testNode* fails randomly

The fix may not work, but it should ease the test at a minimum. Will have to watch it later to see if it resurfaces.

I also completed various backport work required and tried to relieve some of the PR queue stress and added comments to others.

This week:

I will most likely have to go on leave very soon, to be honest I am surprised I am not yet :D

But I need to add documentation for both wiki and forums regarding ISPN-7479 and deprecate distributed execution service. The new cluster executor is completely detached from keys though so we will have to see if that is an issue (distributed streams should handle the bulk of that now).

If time permits I also have some design stuff I need to add regarding stream for each with lock.

Have a good week!

 - Will

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