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[infinispan-dev] Weekly IRC Meeting Logs 2017-07-24

Adrian Nistor
Hi all,

The weekly meeting logs are attached. jbott is missing in action again.
RIP jbott!



(17:03:54) anistor: dberindei: gustavonalle: jsenko: karesti: pruivo:
rigazilla: rvansa: ttarrant: vblagoje:   everybody ready for the meeting?
(17:04:01) vblagoje: +1
(17:04:03) dberindei: sure anistor
(17:04:12) karesti: :o)
(17:04:38) rvansa: braced
(17:04:44) jsenko: anistor: skip me please:/
(17:04:53) jsenko: no updates
(17:04:56) anistor: ok.
(17:04:58) anistor: I believe ttarrant, gustavonalle, ryan and sebastian
are in another meeting right now, so we can skip them too :)
(17:05:32) anistor: #startmeeting
(17:05:39) anistor: #topic anistor
(17:06:20) anistor: it seems jbott died july 14th, and was not
resurected :)
(17:06:53) pruivo: lol
(17:07:37) anistor: last week I helped a bit with reviewing a PR from
gustavo, who implemented json to prorobuf conversion in Protostream.
great work! it is now in, but we'll need to release protostream 4.2 to
make it into ISPN
(17:08:56) anistor: while on the occasion of fiddling with protostream I
restarted my previous work of migrating to protrobuf 3.x schema support,
which might take forever.
(17:10:21) anistor: I also started an article and short tutorial on
using remote infinispan with plain serialization/jboss marshalling with
query et all. no protobuf involved
(17:10:46) anistor: this deserves a blog post too. coming soon
(17:11:14) anistor: that's about all
(17:12:15) anistor: this week I plan to fix whatever is not working in
the deployment of lucene analyzers in wildfly. I hit a wall the requires
debugging wildlfy and I'm a bit stuck. adding more logging did not help ...
(17:12:43) anistor: #topic dberindei
(17:13:34) dberindei: I haven't attended the last meeting as I was on
PTO on Monday
(17:14:02) dberindei: I finally opened a (preview) PR for ISPN-7919
(17:14:03) jbossbot: jira [ISPN-7919] Expose ResponseCollector in the
RpcManager interface [Pull Request Sent (Unresolved) Task, Major, Core,
Dan Berindei] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ISPN-7919
(17:14:25) wsiqueir-brb is now known as wsiqueir
(17:15:20) dberindei: in some ways it's a lot less than I wanted to
change, because I'm still using a MapResponseCollector for most RPCs
(17:15:33) dberindei: in other ways maybe I changed too much, because I
had too many test failures to fix :)
(17:16:01) dberindei: I also wrote the usual random PR comments
(17:16:29) dberindei: and I made the xsite tests run in parallel with
(17:16:30) jbossbot: jira [ISPN-5476] Cross-site tests should run in
parallel [Pull Request Sent (Unresolved) Task, Major, Core/Cross-Site
Replication/Test Suite - Core, Dan Berindei]
(17:16:48) dberindei: now waiting for another run in CI
(17:17:37) dberindei: I'm now trying to figure out what's still wrong
with my ISPN-7997 PR, because it seems to break ScatteredStreamIteratorTest
(17:17:38) jbossbot: jira [ISPN-7997]
DistributedStreamIteratorTest.testLocallyForcedStream random failure
[Pull Request Sent (Unresolved) Bug, Critical, Test Suite - Core, Dan
Berindei] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ISPN-7997
(17:18:03) dberindei: that's it for me, karesti next?
(17:18:21) karesti: yes, thankyou dberindei
(17:18:28) karesti: #topic karesti
(17:18:44) ttarrant: 654523
(17:18:46) ttarrant: 279432
(17:19:28) ttarrant: 862914
(17:19:50) ttarrant: 611346
(17:19:52) ttarrant: 190773
(17:19:54) ttarrant: 048715
(17:20:05) anistor: ttarrant: lucky or unlucky numbers?
(17:21:19) karesti: last week I was stuck making hotrod multimap work, I
managed to unblock and I will probably open a PR soon. Meanwhile rvansa
came back and thank you for your reviews etc ! so we merged ISPN-7752
(17:21:20) jbossbot: jira [ISPN-7752] Merge [Pull Request Sent
(Unresolved) Sub-task, Major, Katia Aresti]
(17:21:23) ttarrant: anistor, :)
(17:21:27) vblagoje: it is his ybikey
(17:22:36) karesti: I reported rvansa and other's comments on
(17:22:37) jbossbot: git pull req [infinispan] (open) Katia Aresti
ISPN-7993 Encoding support on functional maps
(17:22:38) jbossbot: jira [ISPN-7993] Functional commands don't support
Data convertions [Pull Request Sent (Unresolved) Feature Request, Major,
Core, Katia Aresti] https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ISPN-7993
(17:24:32) karesti: and
https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan/pull/5193 can be reviewed and
merged just after 7993. I would like to do it this week. Embedded
multimap is experimental and a separate building block, so even if its
not perfect yet, tis can be easily changed and improved
(17:25:09) rvansa: karesti: isn't 7993 blocked by Gustavo?
(17:25:23) karesti: rvansa I don't know if this can be merged or not
(17:25:51) karesti: I mean, I don't know if 7993 is acceptable and after
Gustavo will come with his huge PR and modify it
(17:26:18) karesti: but meanwhile my work can be merged on master
(17:26:29) rvansa: karesti: carrying (default) encoding classes brings a
regression for embedded mode
(17:27:14) karesti: rvansa, hm
(17:28:40) karesti: rvansa, I'm going to continue with hotrod and give a
reviewable PR to advance tis work and move on, based on my code that
makes encoding work and I can adance
(17:29:22) karesti: so nothing will be merged yet, but the idea was to
merge soon on 9.2 multimap so we can test it etc and improve
(17:29:32) karesti: I'm going to move forward with locks too
(17:29:48) karesti: so this is what I will be doing this week
(17:30:12) karesti: locks only in embedded mode
(17:30:24) karesti: pruivo, next ?
(17:30:38) pruivo: yes, thanks karesti
(17:30:42) pruivo: #topic pruivo
(17:30:47) pruivo: hi all,
(17:30:57) pruivo: last week I work in 2 fronts :)
(17:31:27) pruivo: I'm writing the test suite for the HR client transactions
(17:31:37) pruivo: and I spent some time reviewing PRs
(17:32:11) pruivo: and did some "blogging" about the counters (including
a simple tutorial)
(17:33:00) pruivo: this week, I'm handling the comments on HR server
transactions and reviewing PRs (you have some comments! :))
(17:33:17) pruivo: also, I'll be on PTO next Wednesday (/cc ttarrant
(17:33:56) pruivo: and I'm going to try to finish the HR client before
the end of the week (although there are a bunch of API tests that need
to be done :()
(17:34:04) pruivo: and I think that's it...
(17:34:08) pruivo: rigazilla, next?
(17:34:29) rigazilla: sure thanks pruivo
(17:34:33) rigazilla: #topic rigazilla
(17:34:58) rigazilla: short week for me the last one since it started on Wed
(17:35:39) rigazilla: I worked on merging a C# pr from mgencur, with
some new tests on Authentication
(17:36:07) rigazilla: in the while I discovered a bug in the swig/C#
integration and I'm currently working on it
(17:36:22) rigazilla: mmm think all for me
(17:36:44) rigazilla: rvansa:  next?
(17:38:30) rigazilla: or vblagoje?
(17:38:32) vblagoje: let me go until rvansa comes back
(17:38:35) vblagoje: ok
(17:38:40) vblagoje: #topic vblagoje
(17:39:20) vblagoje: Last week I investigated how we can reuse existing
DMR data/ops and somehow plug it into our JMX ecosystem
(17:39:57) vblagoje: It turns out we already have this solution in EAP
and I tried it out, made sure that all our existing DMR is exposed
through JMX and it is
(17:40:05) vblagoje: This is amazing
(17:40:44) vblagoje: Because we don’t have to potentially now rewrite or
abandon the entire DMR data/ops we worked on for years now
(17:41:14) vblagoje: We could support both DMR and JMX and expose our
data and ops that way. I want to investigate this in more detail this week
(17:41:47) vblagoje: On the dev front in my agile cycle I had two issues
I resolved: ISPN-7649 and ISPN-7642
(17:41:48) jbossbot: jira [ISPN-7649] Administration console -
transaction tab allows to set invalid options [Pull Request Sent
(Unresolved) Bug, Major, Console, Vladimir Blagojevic]
(17:41:48) jbossbot: jira [ISPN-7642] Administration console - remote
sites are not displayed correctly on cache container page [Coding In
Progress (Unresolved) Bug, Major, Console, Vladimir Blagojevic]
(17:42:24) vblagoje: Well, one in in PR queue and for the other I want
to hear remerson’s opinion. But both should be resolved by weeks end
(17:42:57) vblagoje: I have another issue or two on my plate that I want
to complete by Monday
(17:43:03) vblagoje: And that’s it from me
(17:43:09) vblagoje: ping rvansa
(17:43:18) rvansa: #topic rvansa
(17:43:33) rvansa: Last week I've been coordinating my work with Katia
(17:44:14) rvansa: Most of the time I've worked on adding functional
commands to scattered cache, since merge() should use funcs; I am close
to finishing that work
(17:44:15) karesti: rvansa, you can totally say you've been harnessed by me
(17:44:58) karesti: rvansa, so you reviewed haha thanks again btw :)
(17:45:01) rvansa: I've been also asked to check some backports in
Hibernate 2LC 5.1
(17:45:33) rvansa: This week I'd like to look on the testSplit failures
(17:45:54) rvansa: and then create a reproducer for the missing value
for QueryInterceptor
(17:46:13) rvansa: Howgh
(17:46:23) rvansa: anistor: endmeeting?
(17:46:23) karesti: rvansa, I can work on the reproducer this week too
(17:46:34) anistor: rvansa: yes
(17:46:40) anistor: #endmeeting
(17:47:10) anistor: dberindei: karesti: pruivo: rigazilla: rvansa:
ttarrant: vblagoje:  thank you all!

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