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[infinispan-dev] WF Swarm - first approach

Sebastian Laskawiec

I've created very short demo of WF Swarm and Infinispan Embedded mode: https://github.com/slaskawi/infinispan-wf-swarm-example/tree/master

I have a couple of thoughts after doing this demo:
  • Wildfly Swarm generator [2] allows to add Infinispan integration module. Unfortunately it doesn't provide Infinispan classes to the classpath (one needs to add infinispan-core in provided scope for example). I created JIRA to fix this [3].
  • We should probably make JPA (Hibernate) an optional dependency. Created JIRA for it [4].
  • Injecting beans into JAX-RS classes require using org.wildfly.swarm:jaxrs-cdi. This will be addressed at WF Swarm side [5].
I must admit, implementing this demo was a really nice experience (there were some problems, but with Martin's and Tomas' help I managed to work them out (thanks a lot guys!)). 

If you have some time, please experiment with the demo code and tell me what you think. If there won't be any comments, I plan to write a small blog entry about WF Swarm and Infinispan.


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