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[infinispan-dev] The final part of CDI split

Sebastian Laskawiec

In Infinispan 8 series we split CDI into common, remote and embedded. In order to preserve backwards compatibility we decided to leave embedded and common code in "org.infinispan.cdi" package. See [1] for more details.

Now in Infinispan 9 I'm planning to move the bits to proper packages as proposed in [2]. Since CDI does most of the job behind the scenes, most of the use cases will preserve backwards compatibility apart from using embedded CDI extension from JBoss Modules. In that case one will need to change his dependency in MANIFEST.MF (or deployment-structure.xml) from "org.infinispan.cdi" to "org.infinispan.cdi.embedded", which is more descriptive in my opinion.

Does anyone has any arguments against this change?


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