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[infinispan-dev] Status 2016/04/25

Sebastian Laskawiec

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it for today's IRC meeting (if there will be one), so here is my status:
  • ISPN-5721 SNI implementation is done (2 PRs sent [1][2]). Both PRs are waiting for review.
  • I'm planning to write some blog post as soon as they are merged.
  • This week I'll concentrate on setting up Openshift environment on my local laptop and investigating the best way to implement:
    • a Hotrod server image. 
      • At the moment the best way is to create a new example and ask Openshift team to put it under their Github organization [3]. This way it will be tested by their testsuite (!!!).
      • Cloud Enablement team also plans to do some work with this area but I couldn't get any meaningful information.
      • The first iteration of the image might be really quick and dirty (just to start moving forward with other things)
    • investigating Config Map [4] and how this might help with Hotrod server configuration.
    • accessing the data from different pods (Hotrod cluster is in Pod A and clients are in Pod B)
    • think a little bit about multi tenancy (a quick and dirty solution would be to prefix caches with cache containers but maybe there is a better way)
  • Plus, as usual, some small bug fixes, CI maintenance and product related work.
That's all from me.


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