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[infinispan-dev] Status 2015-08-05

Sebastian Laskawiec

Unfortunately I won't be able to join you during the status meeting on Monday, so here's what managed to do last week:
  • I mainly worked on HelthChack API: 
    • https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ISPN-6679
    • https://github.com/slaskawi/infinispan/tree/ISPN-6679/Healthcheck_api
    • Interfaces and JMX are done, the only missing bit is the Wildfly integrations (currently implemented as metrics)
    • Tomaz Cerar mentioned there is no way to use Custom Handlers for Management API (we can not implement gathering statistics with a custom URL like http://localhost:9990/health). We can use HTTP GET for obtaining resources or POST for operations and runtime resources.
    • I need to think it over and choose one of the solutions (using metrics seem to be the worst approach)
    • I talked with James about printing out last X lines of log - again it's not an easy task and James suggested that it can be using the logging subsystem. I will look into that too.
  • I fixed a couple of Windows errors for the product (they were ok in the upstream).
  • I started implementing a CI job for our Docker images and OpenShift
  • I also prepared a blog post about Infinispan and OpenShift (it will be released next week).
  • There are also some good news from my home city - we're opening Bydgoszcz JUG (I'd love to see you guys pronouncing "Bydgoszcz" :D) in September/October and I reserved 2 talks about Open Source (maintaining, contributing etc) and Infinispan+OpenShift/Kubernetes. Wish me luck!

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