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[infinispan-dev] Proposing a new extension: Spring Infinispan

Olaf Bergner

this is to propose a new extension, Spring Infinispan, targeted at
implementing Spring 3.1's forthcoming Cache SPI using JBoss INFINISPAN.
Please see the Extension Proposal Pack below for details.

All further enquiries, corrections and so forth pertaining to this
proposal should preferably use INFINISPAN's developer mailing list
[hidden email] as their primary communication channel.
Project lead is Manik Surtani of Red Hat. I, Olaf Bergner
([hidden email]), am responsible for developing Spring Infinispan,
a preliminary version of which is located at

Olaf Bergner

[hidden email]
[hidden email]


Extension Proposal Pack

This document is part of the Proposal pack for requesting a new
extension. Please modify the following sections and submit back to the
current project lead at SpringSource, or alternatively
[hidden email]
Each Extension has several names, a publicly visible name and an SVN
name. This is actually quite an important aspect, as the name has to be
intuitive and distinct from every other Extension.
The naming convention for the internal name is "se-xxx", if it is a .NET
Extension, the naming convention is "se-xxx.net".

Proposed Name: Spring Infinispan


Description and Background

What is the purpose of the Extension. What does it do, why is it needed,
how did it evolve etc.


Spring Infinispan will primarily provide an implementation of Spring
3.1's cache SPI, namely

* org.springframework.cache.Cache und
* org.springframework.cache.CacheManager,

backed by the high-performance distributed cache INFINISPAN:

In addition, Spring Infinispan will offer implementations of Spring's
FactoryBean interface for producing

* native Infinispan caches,
* native Infinispan cache managers,
* Infinispan configuration instances,
* ...

within a Spring context.

Spring Infinispan's overarching goal is to make Infinispan a good and
well-behaved citizen is Spring land, thus

* offering Infinispan users the option to use Spring's popular
programming model, and
* offering Spring users access to a mature, performant and actively
maintained distributed open source cache.



Who are the main stakeholders in the Extension? It is important for the
stakeholders to be clear to understand potential conflict of interest


At this stage, the only stakeholders in Spring Infinispan is the
Infinispan development community, led by Manik Surtani of Red Hat.


Competitors/Related Projects

Who (if any) are competitors for this Extension. If there are
competitors, why would people use this Extension instead of the competitors?


To the best of my and Google's knowledge, there is no other effort
underway to integrate Infinispan into the Spring ecosystem. And even if
there should be, Spring Infinispan has the bonus of being backed by the
Infinispan development community.


Benefit to SpringSource

Why do we care about this?

SpringSource Benefit:

* According to
http://blog.springsource.com/2011/02/23/spring-3-1-m1-caching/ is Spring
actively encouraging contributors to implement their forthcoming cache
SPI for as many cache providers as possible. Spring Infinispan will be
testament to the community's positive response to this call, and may
thus encourage other cache providers to follow suit, thereby promoting
Spring Cache's popularity.
* Developers invested in Infinispan may find Spring an attractive
programming model and switch to the Spring framework, thereby further
boosting its popularity.


Benefit to the Community

What benefit does this Extension bring to the community?

Community Benefit:

* Make a high-performance and rapidly progressing distributed cache
accessible using the familiar Spring programming model.



Every Extension must have a SpringSource sponsor. If the SpringSource
sponsor is already known, they should be listed here.

SpringSource Sponsor:



What is the expected life time for the Extension. When is the first
release likely to happen? Try and provide a plan for the next 6-12
months. This doesn╩╝t form part of the formal contract, merely your best
intentions at this time.


Spring Infinispan has a well circumscribed scope: implement Spring's
Cache SPI and provide some helper classes to make the lifes of
Infinispan users easier in Spring land. Therefore, it is currently
expected that Spring Infinispan will mature rather rapidly. Once it
supports embedded and remote Infinispan caches, its main goals will be
achieved. Beyond that, it will largely depend on community feedback if
and what further enhancements will be needed.

A first version supporting embedded (in-VM) Infinispan caches is likely
to go public within the first two months after this proposal has been

A second version additionally supporting remote Infinispan caches should
be available at most two months later.

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