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[infinispan-dev] My weekly report

Vladimir Blagojevic

I am on PTO (March 6th-8th). Here is my weekly update:

ISPN-7228 - Fixed a minor issue where an invalid schema got added anyway

ISPN-7544 - Server cards do not indicate correct status in some cases

All server states are properly indicated on the card now. We also
adjusted an action menu for servers to accommodate all possible states
(we handle reload-required and restart-required now)

ISPN-7477 Parsing of all endpoints including multi tenant router
endpoints. Currently on PR queue at

I also completed console sketches for initial proposal and basic use
cases for endpoints. PR is at

Infinispan 9.1 document plan has been updated to reflect basic endpoints
use cases. I'll add more use cases this week. Document is at


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