[infinispan-dev] JGroups 4.0.10.Final released

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[infinispan-dev] JGroups 4.0.10.Final released

Bela Ban-2

Major features/issues fixed:

- INJECT_VIEW: contribution by Andrea Tarocchi to inject arbitrary views
into a running cluster, e.g. probe.sh
op=INJECT_VIEW.injectView["A=A/B;B=A/B;C=C/D;D=C/D"] injects a split
brain view {A,B} into A and B and {C,D} into C and D. Very handy for
interactive testing of split brains, thanks Andrea!

- Internal thread pool (and its factory) can be set now. Important for
Wildfly to prevent classloader leaks

- RPCs cannot invoke default methods inherited from interfaces

- Fix for FILE_PING (and subclasses, such as
NATIVE_S3_PING/GOOGLE_PING2, JDBC_PING etc) to remove members from the
backend store


Bela Ban | http://www.jgroups.org

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