[infinispan-dev] HotRod Server Test Decoder Perf Changes

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[infinispan-dev] HotRod Server Test Decoder Perf Changes

William Burns-3
I just wanted to take a quick sec to make people aware of a recent change to the HotRodTestingUtils class.  If you are utilizing this class to create your hotrod server you may need to tweak how you are calling it [1].

What this change does is install an additional decoder which only sends 1 byte at a time down the netty stack.  This is important for testing as it will find any replay issues we have with our decoder.  The drawback is that this slows down decoding a little bit.

For those of you who don't wish to have this enabled, such as when running performance tests, there is an overloaded method that does just that! [2]  Just make sure you pass true as the argument to the perf argument and everything should run as it was before the change.

 - Will

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