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Pete Muir
Hi Noel

Generally, I was thinking about a new wiki page to complement the reference page i.e. a "Infinispan EC2 Example" page we could link from the reference.

On 20 Jan 2011, at 21:05, Noel O'Connor wrote:

> Hi Pete,  Thanks for the feedback, comments inline.
> I'll update the wiki over the next few days.
> regards
> Noel
> On 01/20/2011 03:03 AM, Pete Muir wrote:
>> Note, I am intentionally being very dumb when testing out these demos, and giving up at the first sign of trouble to try to simulate a beginner ;-)
>> 1) I wonder if the instructions would be better off on the wiki, as you need to do steps before opening up the readme really (start the instances, download the zip etc.)
> Probably not on the same page as its more of a reference but I can add them to a new page and link them.
>> 2) Instructions are pretty limited on some stuff, like what EC2 AMI to use, how to get your software on there etc. At least some basics like AMI to use, links to EC2 docs would be nice. (NB I spoke to Marek Goldman and he is publishing an AS6 AMI soon, that would allow us to very easily make these instructions more concrete).
> I was more focused on setting up Infinispan/JGroups than ec2 but once there is an AS6 ami I can add those details, same below with ports.

Great, Marek did you publish the AMI we talked about last week?

>> 3) Include details about what ports to open etc.
>> 4) Tutorial mentions specific jar versions, best to remove these to make it easier to maintain
> The reason for this was due to possible conflicts with existing jars e.g. JGroups etc

Hmm, not sure of the best way around this, I think right now it's potentially a source of confusion to people.

>> 5) Tutorial mentions a bunch of jars but not where they are in the zip
>> 6) Tutorial mentions infinispan-all.jar which I can't find, I guess it means infinispan-core.jar
>> 7) Tutorial talks about infinispan-ec2-demo-web.war which I can't find, guess it means modules/ec2-ui/infinispan-ec2-demoui.war
> Things have moved around and been renamed, I'll update the wiki
>> 8) This tutorial would be much better as a series of steps than as a set of paragraphs, I was missing stuff out (the info is too dense)
>> 9) I get this error when deploying the app
> You need to add the line "-DCFGPath=${ISPN_HOME}/etc/config-samples/ec2-demo/" to the jvm start-up settings. I'll update the wiki to reflect this

Ok, let me try getting further :-)

>> 11:01:54,507 INFO  [TomcatDeployment] deploy, ctxPath=/infinispan-ec2-demoui
>> 11:01:54,593 INFO  [STDOUT] in CacheServletListener
>> 11:01:54,593 INFO  [STDOUT] CacheBuilder called with ${CFGPath}/infinispan-ec2-config.xml
>> 11:01:54,595 ERROR [STDERR] java.io.FileNotFoundException: File ${CFGPath}/infinispan-ec2-config.xml could not be found, either on the classpath or on the file system!
>> 11:01:54,596 ERROR [STDERR] at org.infinispan.config.InfinispanConfiguration.findInputStream(InfinispanConfiguration.java:395)
>> 11:01:54,596 ERROR [STDERR] at org.infinispan.config.InfinispanConfiguration.newInfinispanConfiguration(InfinispanConfiguration.java:134)
>> 11:01:54,596 ERROR [STDERR] at org.infinispan.manager.DefaultCacheManager.<init>(DefaultCacheManager.java:243)
>> 11:01:54,596 ERROR [STDERR] at org.infinispan.ec2demo.CacheBuilder.<init>(CacheBuilder.java:23)
>> 11:01:54,597 ERROR [STDERR] at org.infinispan.ec2demo.web.CacheServletListener.contextInitialized(CacheServletListener.java:35)
>> 11:01:54,597 ERROR [STDERR] at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.contextListenerStart(StandardContext.java:3369)
>> I'm stopping at this point, as I need to do the CDI webinar
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