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[infinispan-dev] Distributed execution framework - update (formatted)

Vladimir Blagojevic
I want to roughly outline what I believe needs to be done to implement basic distributed execution framework for 5.0 Final.

If you recall, Distributed/MapReduce task is a logical work unit consisting of multiple distributed executables executed individually across Infinispan cluster. Each individual task execution on Infinispan cluster is governed by failover, load balancing and execution policies.

Failover policy

Failover policy regulates how and if distributed task executables are migrated to backup execution nodes in case of failure.

Executable can fail due to:

- exception raised in task implementation during execution
- node crash/leave
- migration failure to/from target execution node

Infinispan will invoke failover mechanism in all above cases except when exception is raised by task executable itself. Exception will be returned to invoker of distributed task who can act upon it.

By default, there will be two failover policies: failover off, and failover on. If failover is on load balancing policy in place will decide where to migrate task executable for execution. In case failure is off task invoker will be notified.

Load balancing policy

Load balancing policy decides how distributed task executables are dispersed for execution around Infinispan cluster. By default data collocating load balancing policy is used as soon as distributed task is invoked on a set of keys in cache. Other, simpler, load balancing policies can be implemented as well if a need arises.

Execution policy

Execution policy decides how task executable is executed once it has been migrated to an execution node. By default priority queue is used for queuing of execution task executables. Users can, if needed, fine-tune task priority on per task basis. If priority is not changed for all tasks then all their executables are effectively queued fifo on execution nodes.

Time permitting, job stealing policy should be implemented taking into account ideas from fork/join framework and applying it in a distributed fashion amongst Infinispan nodes.

Implementation sketches

In order to implement distributed/mapreduce task execution I believe we should reuse existing Infinispan infrastructure (marshalling, remote command invocation, interceptor chain, thread pools) as much as possible.

As user submits distributed task we would locate Infinispan nodes where the input keys are located and send executables (DistributedCallable/Mapper/Reducer) to those nodes using exisiting remote command invocation mechanism. Decision about migration of executables is effectively done by load balancing policy, the default one being collocating policy.

When executables wrapped into commands arrive to Infinispan nodes they are handed off to a special handling object (execution policy) rather than invocation handler. Execution policy interacts with execution container and in turn queues and monitors executables as they are executed in container's thread pool.  DistributedCallable(s) are invoked and results returned to invoking node. Mappers are invoked as well and their results handed off to Reducers as described in mapreduce algorithm. Eventually a result of each Reducer is also returned to task invoker and in turn Collator is invoked.

In case of task failure due to exception raised in task itself, exception is returned to task submitter. In other cases, failover policy along with load balancing policy decides how to migrate executable to other Infinispan nodes.

If you think that I omitted something and/or have suggestion let me know.


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