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Tristan Tarrant-2
Dear all,

it's now been a while since we've embarked on a mission to kill all
those pesky unreliable tests and, while we've achieved quite some
progress, we're still not in an ideal and reliable situation.

I think we are quite close with the latest round of fixes, but there is
still one outstanding offender:

ISPN-6827 ReplTotalOrderVersionedStateTransferTest.testStateTransfer
random failures

Any other failures you wish to single out ?

I propose we move this to the unstable group, merge some of the pending
PRs and release 9.1.1 and branch for 9.2. At this point I'll rework the
9.x roadmap and schedule.

At this point we can reopen all of the PRs that were closed: make sure
you open them before rebasing, otherwise GitHub will complain.


Tristan Tarrant
Infinispan Lead
JBoss, a division of Red Hat
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