[infinispan-dev] AffinityPartitioner: enable by default please?

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[infinispan-dev] AffinityPartitioner: enable by default please?

Sanne Grinovero-3
Hi all,

the explicit approach which we introduced with the AffinityPartitioner
is extremely useful in most use cases for Embedded mode.

I sent a PR on 18 Aug 2016 [1] to make this feature enabled by default
so that people could benefit from it w/o needing to set it explicitly
but it was not merged on the basis that it wouldn't be trivial to
implement the same for Remote caches.

Could we reconsider this please? I agree it's not easy to implement
this same feature for remote, but this feature is not as important to
have in remote mode, while its value is very high in embedded mode.
I think we could agree that this first step is both very useful and
harmless for embedded mode, so let's please merge it?


[1] - https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan/pull/4521
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