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Radim Vansa
Adding -dev list as we're discussing a new feature.

On 06/25/2018 05:20 PM, Galder Zamarreno wrote:

> The question is more about the potential problem of filling up the
> event queue:
> First, which thread should be the one to queue up the event? Netty
> thread or thread pool?
> Second, if the queue is full, the thread hangs waiting for it to
> become non-full. Should this be the case? If this is the Netty thread,
> it's probably quite bad. If it's from the remote thread pool, maybe
> not as bad but still bad.

Agreed, blocking is bad, always. I don't believe that we should
propagate the backpressure from slow clients (receiving events) to fast
clients doing the updates. The only thing about slow clients we should
do is reporting that we have some trouble with them (monitoring, logs...).

> Regardless, If the event queue is full, we need to do something
> different. Dropping the connection doesn't sound too bad. Our
> guarantees are at least once, so we can get it again on reconnect with
> includeCurrentState.
> We could signal such an event with a different event, just like we do
> with ClientCacheFailoverEvent, so that with this new event, you know
> you've been disconnected because events are not being consumed fast
> enough?

Yep, but we can't start sending the event to newer clients even if we
increase the protocol version; we could send such event only if the
client is explicitly listening for that and in the other case we should
still drop the connection.


> Cheers
> On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 2:47 PM Radim Vansa <[hidden email]
> <mailto:[hidden email]>> wrote:
>     You mean that the writes are executed by the Netty thread instead of
>     remote-thread-pool thread? Ok, I think that the issue is still valid.
>     Since there's no event truncation, when the queue is over limit
>     all we
>     can do is probably dropping the connection. The client will reconnect
>     (if it's still alive) and it will ask for current state (btw. will
>     the
>     user know that it has lost some events when it reconnects on a
>     includeCurrentState=false listener? I don't think so... we might just
>     drop the events anyway then). The current state will be sent in
>     another
>     threadpool, and as an improvement we could somehow reject the
>     listener
>     registration if we're over limit on other connections.
>     Radim
>     On 06/25/2018 02:29 PM, William Burns wrote:
>     > Hrmm, I don't know for sure. Radim changed how the events all
>     work now, so it might be fixed.
>     >
>     >¬† ¬†- Will
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